I just started reading the book, “The Listening Path”, by Julia Cameron. 

In it, she assigns little tasks to aid one in attuning to life. The assignment yesterday was to listen. 

I listened to sounds all day:

The ticking of the family room clock

the gurgle of the coffee maker

the cracking of the bones in my feet as I walk up or down the stairs in the morning

the hum of the clothes dryer

the startling train horn alert for text arrivals ( I need to change that)

the wind blowing dry leaves across pavement. . . . 

The breeze in our mini backyard jungle

the buzzing of leaf blowers

the quiet of the studio

the 80’s playlist. . . . 

The assignment was to listen, but that morning I wanted to walk. My goal was three-fold: walk for exercise, walk to spend time in Mother Nature, walk to listen. 

What I wasn’t expecting was to be arrested by beauty. 

I almost never spend time meandering aimlessly, but as I set out on this speedy, calorie burning walk (or so I intended), I found myself stopping every few steps to take a photo. 

Everything was just – so gorgeous. Part of me wonders if it was the lighting. It was overcast, on the verge of pouring rain, and the light changes in weather like that. Colors intensify and become magically vivid. 

And yet.

It wasn’t just the colors. 

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