I’m super happy with this latest sketchbook, a Stillman & Birn Delta series book made specifically for fluid mediums. The paper is nice and thick and so far, I’ve experienced a minimum of buckling. Also, it’s a lay-flat book – so each time I press the pages down to creat a new spread, everything is level and easy to work with. Top notch, in my opinion! 

This book has allowed me a particular joy. I’ve never had the chance to create a journal in my watercolor style because I’d not found one of appropriate size and material to allow me to make what I wanted to make. The Stillman & Birn has changed the game for me. 

I’m enjoying the exploration of some new watercolors and some new color combinations. I’m trying to get to a place of grounding with some new, unique spice that speaks to my own emotional landscape. As is with all sketchbooks – many pages are “meh” a few are “wow”, and most offer me at least a modicum of discovery. There may be a new mark I enjoy, an old one I’m recalling and make note to use again. There might be an amazing color combination occurring and the opposite – something. . . gross. 

Having all these pieces contained in a book is both a blessing and a curse – on the one hand, I love the visual storyline it creates and the fact that I’m creating a reference book of my process for myself. I love that “theoretically” I should be able to drop pretension because I CAN’T sell these little works. BUUUUUT, one the flip side, I kind of DON’T like that they are all bound together and I can’t sell them or hang them on the studio wall for inspiration. It’s a conundrum, I suppose!

I hope you enjoy this little photo-review of my watercolor sketchbook works!