We Are OK


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24”x30” acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas 2020

Details: The ground of the painting is an array of hot colors – oranges, pinks, reds, accented by strong black patches and marks. Working to calm the chaotic emotion of the piece, blues were layered over them, then whites, greens, and some lively yellow ochre and soft pinks. Wipe away techniques were used to create texture and depth, and scratching was employed to etch the XOXOXO message and the reverse rainbow arches. A palette knife was used to create icing-like swipes of heavy bodied paint and create lush, sensory-rich swipes of color. The use of subtractive techniques create windows into deeper layers, while the bold additive techniques create a sense that the narrative continues to grow and build outward.

To learn more about the story behind “We Are Ok”, see the ‘Description’ section below.

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1 in stock


The Story: Starting with an under-layer of hot, rage-y pinks, reds, oranges, and blacks, this painting began as a burst of frustrated emotions. In the beginning, it was dubbed “The Queen of Hearts” because it felt like it was screaming “Off with their heads!”

Truly a product of Covid19 shelter-at home emotions, this canvas tells the story of identifying with frustration and irritation, admitting it, and spilling them all out on the substrate, working through the ugly to find calm, peace, and hope. “We are OK” is painted in whispery, almost hidden letters, vacillating between visible and invisible, like an unstable possibility. I wrote on Instagram the day I painted the phrase, “‘We are OK’ is a mantra for the times when things feel overwhelming, but it’s often said in a timid, unsure voice. . . . We say it, but do we believe it?. . . I think we want to, and we’re trying”.

“We Are OK” is painted documentation of the emotional rollercoaster experienced while sheltering at home, unsure of what the future holds, finally landing in hopeful belief that we will be ok.

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