Sparkly Beach Days


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30”x30” acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas 2020

Details: Black hashmarks were the starting point of this composition, washed over with translucent washes of aquas, blues, and glowing yellow ochre. Interest and texture were built by adding thicker patches of more blue and aqua hues and adding in a shade of sunny tan that suggests sandy beaches. A singular swipe of textured gold picks up shimmery metallic details sprinkled over the composition, and a pattern of gray fine lines create energy in the lower right corner. An unexpected treat of frosting-like pats of thick-bodied paint crawl up the bottom left corner of the painting, like froth on white-capped waves.

To learn more about the story behind “Sparkly Beach Days”, see the ‘Description’ section below.

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1 in stock


The story: Sparkly Beach Days began as an exploration of marks that felt bold, organized, and methodical. It transformed into a study in softening the ticking metronome vibe of the marks and working them into a composition that feels reflective of life: heartbeats, breath, fresh air, and the humbling quality of the great blue ocean. It’s meant to remind us of days sitting on the warm sand of the beach, staring out at the waves, and feeling both comforted and awed by the ocean’s grandeur and our own smallness.

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