Methodical Yet Glowing II


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22”x30” Acrylic and spray paint on heavy archival paper 2020

A divergence from my normal style, Methodical Yet Glowing I & II came from a desperate need to create freely, without hinderance of an expected or anticipated style. These pieces emerged during the strangeness of the first weeks of Covid19 shelter at home orders. The marks proved to be therapeutic, with their regular placement and irregular but similar forms – almost a practice of centering as I placed each one after the one before. The glowing circle and rainbow shapes are practically bursting with a glow of inner spirit. Overall, the compositions speak to throbbing heartbeats, life, and resilience.

Detailing includes expressive scribble strokes of acrylic pen and pencil. Dabs of gold paint sparkle on the surface.

For your matting and framing consideration, the paper is 22″x30″. The painted composition measures 20″x28″.

Shipping and purchase notes:

Please allow one week for your painting to leave the studio in addition to the time estimated for shipping.

A signature will be requested at time of delivery for paintings over $300

Please contact me if you’d like to split your purchase into two or three payments. I am happy to work with you!

1 in stock


The background of this painting is richly textured by an underlying, multicolored layer that has been painted over with thick acrylic paint, then wiped away in portions to reveal windows into a deeper and hidden world. Indigo, tear-drop shaped hashmarks dot the upper portion of the composition with methodical regularity as a bright magenta and orange rainbow sprouts below.

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Dimensions 30 × 22 × 1 in


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