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18”x24” acrylic and pen on gallery wrapped canvas 2019

Description: Starting with a bold, black line of movement and working a thin layer of high flow acrylics in to establish a translucent, watery feel juxtaposed with strength, spray paint was added to establish depth in layering. Delicate lines and repetitive patterns appear to create a sense of life and heartbeat. Thick swipes of cool, white paint surround the mountain form, giving the background voice and rich sensory appeal.


“Maunakea” is available for purchase, but is currently on display outside the studio, so packing and shipping could take up to three weeks in addition to the delivery time estimated at checkout.

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The Story: This one is called “MaunaKea”, named after a spectacular mountain in Hawaii. From its base under the ocean to the summit, it’s the tallest mountain in the world – even taller than Everest. When I painted it, I was thinking about all the women fighting cancer, losing their hair, suffering through chemo and radiation; the pain and sickness they endure, the fight for time with the people they love, and I kept returning to a theme of strength. There’s something powerful about a mountain that prospers in the depths of the ocean as well as the heights of the skies. MaunaKea is also a holy place to the Hawaiian people, where many go in search of the Divine Power. It all felt very appropriate as a visual representation of women overcoming hardships in a beautiful way.



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