11”x14” Acrylic, pen, pastel, and charcoal on heavy archival paper 2019

Details: Deep magentas and corals play against a calming shade of Payne’s gray. Arches of charcoal, gold and black pen, and ochre oil pastel draw the viewer into doorways of translucent, layered textures and marks. Thick swipes of heavy body acrylic in white, dark magenta, and metallic copper finish off the top layer.

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The Story: Really, this painting was a personal indulgence.  I crave these colors together, and I couldn’t wait to push paint around on the paper and see what came of my need to use the combination once more. What resulted was a painting that feels like it’s inviting us into new and secret places, and those places are good and beautiful. This piece feels like a promise during this strange season (spring 2020) of self-isolation. It’s comforting in the way it’s saying that good things are just through that tunnel, or rainbow, or inside that sparkling grotto

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Dimensions 14 × 11 × .4 in

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