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Those first few minutes when I wasn’t sure anyone was going to show up then ALL OF YOU DID!!

Welp, it’s been confirmed once again – you guys are the best, most amazing and supportive people out there.

I jumped on Instagram Live last week to answer some of your questions because you’ve been even more curious than usual about the supplies I’m using and my practice in general – and to be honest, it’s really hard to answer every question via comment or DM, so it just made good sense to hop on and talk everything through!

Below, I’ve taken time to link the products I mention so you can see them for yourself.

Just click any of the photos, and the link will take you to Amazon where you can read more about the products and purchase right from there if you’re in the market for some new supplies!

*These are Amazon affiliate links, so when you order by clicking through this page, I do, in fact, get a lil’ kick back. Thanks for the support!

The tempera paint sticks EVERYONE ALWAYS ASKS ABOUT: Shuttle Art Tempera Paint Sticks. They’re creamy and soft and go on like lipstick – or budduh. Definitely a sensory treat!

We didn’t actually talk about this one, but this Moleskine sketch journal constantly hogs all the attention:

The gesso I use both in my Old Book Revival journal and for priming my papers and canvases for my fine artwork:

What kind of paint do I use?

Holy cow, that’s a big question and not easy to answer. I use a LOT of different ones, and I frequently use different kinds within a single piece of artwork. . . .

Probably the better way to go about it would be to show you a sample piece of artwork, then highlight the materials from that specific composition – but here’s a quick start to some of the basics I always have on hand:

Liquitex soft body

Golden Fluid Acrylics

Golden High Flow Acrylics magenta

Golden Heavy Body Acrylics

So many questions about the tools I use. This one is tough to answer also, because, again – I use so many different ones, and I use a different group of tools with watercolor vs. acrylic. So here are some of my absolute go-to’s until we can diver deeper into each category:

A wide (1.5″ or more) flat wash brush. Like I said, I don’t personally believe you need to break the bank on supplies, and while I don’t have this exact set, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it the next time I need replacements.

Sponge brushes are a go-to for me with the initial layers of an acrylic work. They’re fantastic for creating thin, base layers of colors and great when I want to push for drips.

This is not the exact roller I have, but again – totally acceptable, and I’d have no problem replacing my existing one with this option once it’s time to replace.

The type of roller cover you use is dependent on the type of paint you’re using and the finish you want. A sponge roller will give you a fine, smoother finish, and a cover with a nap will give you a bit of texture. Totally up to you and what effect you’re after.

I use a wide variety of papers, but here is a list of some of my favorites for watercolor:

And some for acrylic or mixed media:

These are the two fixatifs I currently have on hand in the studio – but like I said, I’m not particularly loyal to either one. Both brands seem to be working fine for me at the moment:

The lighting (I USED to have) in my studio. I’ll be replacing it soon. I did really like it. Ideally, I wouldn’t have tripped over it and sent it crashing to the floor. . . . .

I’m don’t imagine you’re planning to revamp your lighting situation if you don’t already have recessed lighting, but if you DO, and you want to replace – this is what’s in my studio ceiling right now:

This is the piece of artwork, we walked through. It’s “Even Though. . . ” from the Mixed Emotions collection released Nov. 2020

OK, I know. It’s not art related, but YOU ASKED! Lol. These are my glasses frames, and I guessed right! They’re Coach. All I cared about was that they were pink. . . . .

And, EXTRA, EXTRA! I did not plan this, but the journaling class I made in collaboration with Kelly Wynn Conrad is currently 30% off. You can click the photo below to read more about it.

I’m so touched that you asked about my 100 Pulp and Panel Poesies – they’ve been paused for a few months, but I’m getting back into them this month. You can click the photo below to see them on Instagram, or you can just search the hashtag next time you’re there.

That’s it for now folks! Stay tuned for another recap after our next live.

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