What We Already Know

Use intuitive drawing and written journaling to connect with your inner wisdom.

Join me for Mindful Art Making 

During our time together, we’ll tap into authentic, personal wisdom using written journaling combined with intuitive drawing, mark making, reflection, and discussion.

  • In this (approximately) one-hour workshop we’ll center ourselves using a brief grounding exercise, then jot down low-stress responses to a written journaling prompt.
  • Moving on to a simple drawing exercise, we’ll let our intuition lead the way, holding our journal reflections in our awareness.
  • When our drawings are complete, we’ll enter a second written journaling session, considering what appeared on the page.
  • We’ll then share in a safe group (or one-on-one) discussion about what personal insight we see revealed on the page.
  • Support will be given regarding techniques and prompts, how to create your intuitive drawing, and how to reflect on the art you create.
  • Mindful Art focuses on the process of exploration and internal inquiry through art, not on the visual result.
  • No experience is required.
  • If participating in a group, sharing is welcome and encouraged, but not required.
  • This workshop is an invitation to play, let go of perfection, and get to know yourself better.
  • Unlined loose-leaf paper or journal

  • Pens and/or pencils. Your choice. A variety of sizes is fun to play with.

  • “Dry” materials for adding color: colored pencils, pastels, crayons, markers. Paint is also an option if your paper is sturdy enough to handle it.

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NOTE: Mindful Art is NOT art therapy, the exercises can often feel relaxing, grounding, and insightful.

Once you purchase your session or workshop, visit Calendly to book your date and time. 

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All of the journal entries above were created using a similar process as used in this workshop.