I’m not even going to make you wait for it. There it is ^. Just click that graphic and it will take you to the music that’s been on repeat during this whole last month.

(Why are there no emojis on a key board? It’s really quite frustrating. I’d like to have pointed up to that playlist with an actual mini index finger.)

If you missed some of the artwork that emerged earlier this summer, here’s a little recap for you, in situ, because I just can’t get enough of seeing them in actual settings:

(Also, some of them are still in the shop, and you can see them here.)

Aaand since the title of this post brings attention to you ears and the fun things we might be offering them, here’s a roundup of interviews to which you might want to treat them (your eyes too, if you also choose to watch!):

My IGTV interview with Aaron Jack – This was one of my favorite interviews because Aaron asked such thoughtful questions.

My Patreon exclusive interview with Devon Walz – This one is available only to Devon’s Patreon subscribers, but it was juicy and intimate, and we talked about things I’ve never really shared publicly before. You can join her Patreon for $5 for the rest of the month and hear the interview, but I’m guessing you might want to stay as a member for longer. Devon puts out great content and interviews, and $5 level members get an exclusive podcast each month.

My IGTV studio visit with Sandra Felemovicius – This was actually the third interview Sandra and I have done together, the first two being lost in internet ether, but this one finally stuck. She has it in her library of Tap Into Your Creativity interviews, which are an incredible wealth of artist experience and information. Such a fantastic resource!

My IGTV interview with Vanessa Fernandez – Vanessa is the host and founder of The Enneagram Workshop (by the same name on Instagram and on the Web). She’s a lovely soul, and an enneagram coach extraordinaire. We talked all about enneagram types and creativity.

My Sketchbook Tour with Art with Intent – Art with Intent is another amazing resource for artists and the art curious. So many interviews, discussions, virtual instructional meet-ups, and studio and sketchbook tours. It was an honor to share my sketchbooks with this community on Instagram. Just be prepared – because of the time difference I was struggling through “early” on a Saturday morning. . . . lol.

That’s it for now, friends! I hope you enjoy your treats. (If only I had a smiley face emoji for right here. . . . )

XO –