Manifesting the Artist’s Life & Career We Want!

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit with Nisha Btesh of the Hola Gwapa fashion brand and podcast. This is the second time we've time we've chatted, and it was interesting for me to hear how my own thought process has shifted since our last conversation in 2020. This time around, in Nisha's words, "We sit down and dive deep into topics like the nitty gritty business side of being an artist, the joy that comes from doing things your own way, the power of purpose and manifesting your dream career, aaaand the significant impact journaling can have on your growth as an artist".

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Color Block Art

Color block painting was first popularized by Piet Mondrian in the first half of the 20th century. Since then the concept has swept through creative industries and undergone many conceptual iterations. Here's a look at where we see it today.

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