Friends, it is my greatest pleasure, at long last, to welcome you to my website and studio. It has been MONTHS in the making, and I’m just so happy and relieved it’s finally out in the ether and available as a new place for us to share virtual space. Picture me welcoming you at my doorstep with a warm best-friends-y hug.

This magical room is a small rectangle on one end of our house that came to me by surprise when we moved four years ago. It has windows on each end, beautiful light for at least six hours a day, white walls, and hand-me-down bookcases packed beyond capacity with all my favorite tomes. The air is cool and always smells faintly of acrylic paints and paper. It feels soft, calming, and peaceful, and I hope you can imagine being here with me. It is truly one of my favorite places on the planet and feels both invigorating and relaxing.

“Studio Notes” is where I’ll share more of the behind-the-scenes stories of my art making and expand on some of the little “appetizer” bits I share on Instagram. Every now and then I might share a tutorial or two, but I’ve not come up with a definitive answer as to whether or not this will be a regular thing for me. Today though, IS a tutorial day. (Yay!)

Months ago, when I said I wanted to make something for you and asked for your input, SO many of you requested a mark making tutorial. I took your requests to heart, and below is the final product. It took so many hours to get through the phases of filming and editing and living the new weird normal of COVID19 shelter-at home life, but I hope you find these two videos helpful and fun.

The exercises are quick and easy, designed to launch you into experimentation and lead you into your very own vocabulary of marks. Some of it may feel elementary, and that’s ok.

Mark making is certainly not rocket science, but more an act of letting go and allowing your hands to follow your brain down a rabbit hole of curiosity.

The tutorial is in two parts. Part one is purely making marks, part two is taking your favorite discoveries and combining them into a visually pleasing piece of art that will also serve as a quick-reference archive of marks you can employ in your work moving forward. I hope you find them fun and enriching, and you can reach out to me to ask questions here, on Instagram, or by email.


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