Art journaling is fun

Sara’s Creative Art Journaling Consults are a form of guidance for creative people of any level.

Whether you’re a brand new hobbyist or a seasoned artist of many years, and whether the visual arts are your preferred form of expression or not (maybe you don’t even consider yourself an artist…yet!), Creative Art Journaling Consults are a fit at every skill level.

Art journaling is for artists of all skill levels.

Creative journaling can be beneficial to anyone with the desire to dig in, discover, and realize their inner magic in visual form.

Through discussion and practical exercises, and utilizing a holistic approach, Sara will work with you to unlock your creative energy and make the practice of regular journaling less intimidating and more fruitful. Together, you’ll discover forms of journaling that feel good to your body and soul, and begin your journey along a path of personal and artistic discovery.

I am a brand-new, “baby” artist. How do I know if a Creative Art Journaling consult is for me?

If you relate to any of these statements, it’s for you:

  • I’m stumped because I don’t know where to begin”.
  • “I’m overwhelmed by decisions regarding materials and/or style”.
  • I have too many ideas”, or maybe “I have no idea at all where to begin”.
  • I’m paralyzed by the blank page”.
  • “I’ve used art journals and sketchbooks before, but the habit never sticks.”
  • “I’m brand new to this, and I’m curious, but I need help knowing where to start and how to keep going.”
  • “I’m scared that what I make will end up ugly, so I end up not even trying.”
Simple Art Journaling line exercises.

Virtual art journaling classes for all skill levels.

I’ve been making art for years. Would an art journaling consult be useful for me?

Here are some reasons established artists choose to schedule consults to boost their journaling practice:

  • Let’s face it. We are ALL continually developing, no matter where we land on the art-making timeline. So, yep. It can be useful!
  • Sometimes, It’s helpful to consult with someone who’s experience differs from our own and who’s insight will add new zest and a different perspective to our practice.
  • Even established creative people need exposure to fresh practices to identify un-tapped inspiration.
  • When we’ve been making the same kind of art for a long time, it can feel rote and like we’re stuck in a rut. Journaling can help dig us out.
  • Habitual journaling can lead to unearthing, distilling, and focusing our styles, themes, and storylines.
  • With regular entries into our journals, ideas and concepts that may have been escaping our awareness suddenly become clear and accessible.

No matter where you find yourself on this creative journey, Sara is ready to walk the walk with you.

Sara’s consult and journaling styles are holistic, addressing the development, experimentation, and exploration of skills, but it also acknowledging our bodies and emotions, responding to our needs in combination with our desire to create visual art.

Artist Sara Schroeder guiding students through mark making exercises.

A limited number of Creative Journaling Consults are now available. 

Each virtual consult includes:

  • A private one hour Zoom session
  • A discovery discussion to reveal what your journaling goals are, evaluate what’s hindering you and what you might need
  • A discussion about what you hope to gain from our time together and your journaling practice, and
  • Some brainstorming for activities, exercises, and techniques that will ignite imagination, foster ideas, and turn your journaling time into a life-giving, joyful practice.

How is my one hour Zoom consult broken down?

It’s important to remember that discussion might be the most beneficial part of our time together, so sometimes there might be more dialogue than actual art-making during the consult, and the art making will come on your own time in the weeks after.

We will decide together how to format your consult. Below is an example of how a 60 minute session with some creativity exercises included might look:

  • 20 minutes devoted to discovery*
  • 30 minutes dedicated to exercises aiding in forward movement and development
  • 10 minutes of review of session content and questions

*If you book more than one consult, the first portion of the follow up session is devoted to reviewing the past week or two, what came to light, and what issues arose.

Journal pages painted during an online art journaling consult with artist and creativity coach Sara Schroeder.

What are the pricing details for the Creative Art journaling Consults?

$99/hr for one person

$150/hr for up to three people if you prefer to coordinate your own small group

$350 for a bundle of 4 sessions/individual (over two months; one every other week)