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Sara Schroeder is an abstract painter using gestural movement, intuitive marks, and saturated colors to convey energy and emotion. Works on canvas and paper feature drips, swipes, scratching, and subtraction methods, which build upon one another to form abstractions of nature. She finds inspiration in the potent hues of tropical plant life and the subdued pastel motifs of the Art Deco period preserved in Miami. 

Sara’s work draws both on her Inland Northwest roots and her current-day South Florida surroundings. Aquatic elements are implied through color and form, alluding to river and ocean environments. 

Painting mainly from intuition, each move originates from an emotional sense; she’s trying to identify the sensitivities living deep inside herself and give them voice in color, form, movement, and mark. Currently, those feelings tend to be grounded, peaceful, and loving. These are all emotions she hopes to bring to life in her art.

Sara’s hope is that something genuine stirs in the viewer when they see her work. She wants them to feel positive emotion when they experience it, or be moved to savor the present moment, inspired that the moment is both beautiful and enough. She hopes her work takes them somewhere pleasantly ethereal.


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